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I have authored and published 11 books titled: "Johnny Goes To The Army", "Nemesis The G.R. - Factor", "Life on Tater Knob Part 1", "Life on Tater Knob Part 2", "Newton's Fallen Hero", "The Emissary from Orion", "The Emissary from Orion Episode 2", "Murder On A Tall Ship", "The Emissary from Orion Episode 3", "The Suicide Murders" and "Azrael". These books are now available on Amazon.Com (, Amazon Kindle, Amazon's Create Space, (books a million), and sometimes on eBay. Click the book image above for quick access to the book. While on, you can get a sneak preview inside the books. Check them out today. Have a book store or retail outlet and would like to purchase more than one book each for resale? Contact me at millerridge below for a discount code. Use the discount code at and save on your multiple copy purchases.



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